The best way to effectively yet meaningfully deal with stress is by being positive about it. You need to make your mind believe that it is actually a good thing.

We all go through stress at one point in life and it’s a feeling we will experience regularly throughout the course of it. While stress is widely cast in a bad light, there is a way that you could make it work for you.

The above is echoed by Brad Stuberg, who has under his belt books like Peak Performance: Elevate your game and the rather detailed Thrive with Success; all a testament to his expertise on the matter at hand. Just recently, he sat down with Business Insider to discuss how exactly we can usher stress into our corner.

Here’s what he suggests on how to turn stress into a formidable weapon in your arsenal:

First, you should rewire your mental frame to think about stress as a beneficial occurrence rather than a negative one. Let your body know that although you’re going through some rough times, you are still in control and it has nothing to worry about. What’s more, convince your body that stress is just sharpening your senses so that your awareness is ever at the ready.

Stuberg explains that behind sensations of stress, is a stimulus pulling the strings. It could be as a result of a tense performance review or it could simply be down to a mere workout. Whichever the case, the bottom-line is that stress is a term that we chose to label such feelings from similar kinds of situations which we often view as negative.

Stuberg goes on to reiterate the point that changing how we categorize and view stress can have a lot of advantages. His statements are not without concrete backing as recent research findings have shaded more light on the issue and compounded his notion.

The research found his theory to not only hold water but also have a long time effect on the person said to be under stress. Here is what the research points out:

People tend to view difficulties as a threat to their normal well-being since more often than not we are terrified of leaving the warm and safe confines of our comfort zone. However, stress can be a solid motivation to inspire growth and endurance for those who view it as more of a challenge; something to test your limits rather than derail the train of your life’s goals.

It further adds that the said individuals will learn how to get around obstacles in their paths. This is essential as knowing how to cope can prove the difference between a long healthy life and a short miserable one.

It is therefore clear that being positive is the best route to take when coming to terms with stress.