It is important to do more analysis and be less emotional when it comes to marriage debate. Most of the times this debate raises a lot of emotions yet people do not give it the attention it deserves. There should be laid foundations that should be followed to give guidance over this topic.

In a free society, people ought to be free to make personal choices as per individual autonomy and wishes. This principal was in existence in the United States over 50 years at the decision of Griswold V Connecticut. The Supreme Court had set a law to prohibit contraceptives sale. The court later suggested that people had a right to privacy and autonomy to make their life choices. It suggested that the more intimate a situation is the less justification for the state to interfere. Marriage partner choice is one of the most intimate decisions one can make. The court applied the same principle in 2015 to do away with the laws that restrict heterosexual marriages and couples.

Same sex marriage prohibition is a discrimination based on sexual grounds. This is intruding autonomy and people’s free will to make choices. Marriage is a simple contract that is licensed by the state. Sexual discrimination is offensive the same way transfer of land discrimination would be. There is no difference in setting laws that discriminates whom you should marry and setting laws restricting marriages based on racial ground. It is the same as apartheid in South Africa.

There have been many arguments raised by the people who oppose marriage equality claiming that its legalization will inflict other rights and cause other social harms. It is possible to dismiss the bizarre argument by legalizing same sex marriage although heterosexual marriage institution will be affected. There is no one who has ever presented the rational basis of this argument. It is not clear how exactly it will be unless they manage to entice people on how same sex marriage will be better than heterosexual marriage.

The second thing that needs to be considered is religious freedom that does not support same sex unions and marriages. They have been manipulating business people to support them against these laws. Senator Cory Bernardi recently said that business men should discriminate same sex marriages with or with no reasons but they should ensure they decline these laws. George Christensen, a liberal national Mp also said that bankers, venue owners, photographers and all people should refuse same sex customs.