About Us

Chasing the Dream Project is one of Australia’s newest media companies which is based Perth. It was founded in the 2016 by Ben Hames and Josh Malone. The company reached about 2,000 genuine monthly visitors by April 2017. It is born in the recognition when a new of generation of Change Makers who desire journalism to give a new meaning to the world. That moment was a moment of great transformation. It has seen a lot of success and popularity in a very short time due to the endless dedication and enthusiasm.

Chasing the Dream Project is a privately held company with ventured-backed and for-profit media company which is on task to reveal and intensify the stories that can reshape the world. The principal investors of Chasing the Dream Project are Founder Fund and WPP Ventures. As of now, Chasing the Dream Project has raised to about $100,000 due to the funding of these investors. The main objective of Chasing the Dream Project is “Rethink The World” as they provide some brilliant stories that can change the way world thinks. That’s a nice idea in deed.

Business goals are very important for Chasing the Dream Project and thus the company partners with different many different advertisers. The approach of Chasing the Dream Project towards advertising is depicted in our editorial philosophy. They are more into telling some great stories to the world that have the potential to change the minds of the people. You can learn more about us by emailing advertising@chasingthedreamproject.org.